Software development

In the course of our software development projects, depending on our customers' needs and the task to be completed, we develop our software on Java SE and Java EE or PHP platforms. In the process of JAVA developments, we develop both thick and thin client applications.

Since 2007 Webtown has been managing its PHP programming language related development projects on the basis of the Symfony framework.

Symfony is an open source code PHP framework designed for corporate environments. It serves complex, wide-scope demands. Its development is characterised by a professional approach, thus facilitating the creation of robust web applications.

In the process of its development, great emphasis was laid on design, the use of best practices, a clear structure, the wiring of a legible code, automatic testing, documentation and also the involvement of the community, thus providing a guarantee for the sustained success of Symfony, for both developers and clients to prefer it, and for it to become one of the leading PHP frameworks by that.

Also large corporations chose Symfony in several cases to serve portals with a large number of visitors (e.g. Yahoo!, Bookmarks, Verbatim, Daily Motion).

Webtown has developed several own-developed modules based on the Symfony framework in the past couple of years. Based upon our modules, we develop excellent quality web sites in a short period of time.

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